We had a great session with the team from RuggerEds, learning that sport is about respect and manners as well as physical activity and teamwork!


Doing our bit for charity… Wig Wednesday

Take a look at some of our efforts for wig Wednesday, making money for a great cause! 3CT did a great job wearing wigs and bringing in 50p and these were the front runners! Well done guys!

Dem dancing bones…..

This video has helped us to learn where are bones are in our bodies and how they are connected, have a listen and learn the actions…

Dem bones dem bones….

In science this week we have been looking at bones and how they support our bodies! Here’s juan who managed to put his skeleton together independently and sketch a fabulous picture too! Well done juan!

Our Eatwell plates

Today we looked at healthy eating in science! We talked about the 5 main food groups and why it is important to eat a balanced diet! We designed a healthy meal to sum up our learning for the day! Do you know the 5 food groups and some examples of foods for each one? 


Our very own volcanic eruption

Today we made our very own volcanic eruptions using ingredients that when put together caused a reaction! Can you remember the ingredients Hippos?  


It’s a Rounder!

we had a great afternoon with Miss Jones’ class! We had a game of rounders Hippos v Dolphins and guess who was victorious? HIPPOS! Rematch miss Jones?  


Cave Making

To end our stone age topic we made our very own cave! We papermache’d a tent and painted it! We then designed and printed our own cave painting on the inside to make it look authentic! What do you think to the finished article? Along with our Stone Age display packed with wonderful work!?


Total Eclipse

we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to see the eclipse in school – albeit through the TV! Juan came prepared and we managed to get a few snaps through the windows and 3 pairs of glasses lenses! It didn’t go too dark but we were glad to be able to witness it! 


Rocks to schools

we were lucky enough to welcome a rocks and fossils specialist into school to help us with our rocks and soils topic! We looked at rocks, mineral, volcanoes and even 10000 year old dinosaur poo!